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Certified Asbestos Inspection Services

WML is a VA licensed asbestos inspection service provider.

Asbestos exposure can pose enormous health risks to you and your team. If your project requires asbestos identification, WML can help you quickly determine the necessary removal or in-place management requirements of your site. 

WML will thoroughly inspect your site, taking samples from each type of material. Having a truly qualified, experienced and independent inspection firm is critical to ensuring the safety of your building site.

For many projects, an on-site inspection can take as little as a couple of hours. WML will need full access to every room and space in the building or return site visits may be needed.

Following the site work, standard laboratory analysis typically takes 3 to 10 days, with rush or emergency turnaround times available if needed.

Prepare Your Site for Success with WML

Asbestos inspections are detail-oriented and require on-site access, proper sample extraction, and extensive documentation and reporting. To learn more about WML Asbestos Inspection Services, contact us today.

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