Landscaping, Excavation, Clearing, Grading, Utilities & Drainage

WML offers residential and commercial site preparation services including landscaping, clearing, excavation, grading, and drainage services.

Skilled grading and excavation are foundational for the future and ensure the proper drainage of a site. We excavate for footers, foundations, pools, cisterns, access roads, driveways, parking pads and other site preparations, both residential and commercial. We also offer expert grading for any size area, final grading for seed and sod prep, back fill around a new build or addition, and grading plan work. Our team knows how to properly prep for sports fields, agriculture and equestrian use, commercial and residential construction, driveways, patios, and lawns and gardens around homes and commercial buildings.

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We offer pad sites, soil stabilization, silt fencing, dry beds, runoffs, berms, drains, downspout solutions, extended sump pump lines and storm water management. We have experience with stone placement, retaining walls, stream reclamation, and installation of geotextiles, sod, seed, straw, mulch and permeable pavers and systems. We can also provide emergency drainage services following a fire, flood or other disaster, including large-scale storm clean up.

WML site preparation offers clearing & grubbing, removing trees, stumps and brush, clearing underbrush around trees, forestry cutting, “bush hogging” fields and providing overgrowth controls. The work includes environmental controls, to prevent erosion and run off, during and after construction.

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